• Handy magnetic writing kit – ideal for those just learning to write
  • Encourages children to learn, helps to develop literacy skills
  • Includes double-sided magnetic board and 30 double-sided magnetic pieces
  • Match letters with pictures and learn alphabet
  • Includes dry wipe pen
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Turning education into a fun activity can really help children to master basic literacy and numeracy much more quickly, be it at home or in the classroom. This new magnetic first writing set has been designed to do just that, to make learning an interactive experience and a bit of fun too. The read and write letters and words pack is perfect for children in the Early Years/Foundation stage of the curriculum, those who are just starting out on their educational journey. Matching letters with pictures, and learning the alphabet are made much easier when correcting any mistakes can be done instantly and in a way that encourages children to try again as many times as it takes. This set includes a dry-wipe pen, double-sided magnetic board for letter practice and 30 double-sided letter/word and picture magnetic pieces. There are also ten tasks that adults can set the child to aid development according to how quickly children are progressing.

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Dimensions 18 × 25.5 cm

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